Let Them Come is an old-school pixel art shoot'em up with a dynamic lighting engine. Blast your way through waves of challenging enemies that exist only to eradicate all human life. Can you fight your way out?

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LOADOUT CUSTOMIZATION Upgrade and customize your arsenal as you find new items.

UNRELENTING HORDE Combat an endless stream of diverse enemies with unique mechanics.

BOOMBOX Rock to the music of your choice as you collect new mixtapes.

BOSS BATTLES Face grim odds against ferocious boss creatures, bring them down to advance.

DYNAMIC LIGHTING Use firepower as a lightsource in a forbidding dark environment.

ONLINE LEADERBOARDS Fight your way to the top, see how you fare against your friends.

Let Them Come is being developed by Klemen Lozar. Targeting multiple platforms and aiming for a 2016 release.

Klemen Lozar - Coding, Design, Art, Writing.

James Watkins - Sound Design.

Stefan Bogdanovic - Art Support.

Tomi Troha - Network Programming Support.

Barbara Trampuz - Production help, putting up with Klemen.

Music contributors - Darren Jones (20SIX Hundred), Adrien Drich Sahuc (Cartridge1987), Brent Silk, John McKiever, Roberto Kramer, James Featherstone.