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Rock Gunar

Mercenary for Hire

No Job Too Big or Small.  Prices to Suit all Budgets. Total Discretion. This is what I do:

Contract Reel

Rock Gunar

Mercenary for Hire

No Job Too Big or Small.  Prices to Suit all Budgets. Total Discretion.

What I Do

Professional Experience


  • 20 years in special forces – undercover global operations, lone wolf
  • Operation Whitewash – Whitehouse, Washington DC, USA
  • Operation Frog Leach – Paris, FR
  • Operation Needle Speer – Seattle, WA, USA
  • 10 years humane society
  • Cameo Roles – Alien, Aliens, Men in Black, Predator


  • Spearheaded “Alien Takedown” Initiative for INFINI CORP
  • 4 years – Operation Wipeout – Solar system

Work History

Recent Field Operations:


I’ve got a big gun and I know what to do with it, and ammo of all types.  I’ve got grenades, mines, flares and other weapons of all types. And Betsy.  Betsy’s my hunting knife.  There are many like it, but this one is mine.  Betsy is my best friend.  I have mastered using it as I have mastered my life. These are the tools of my trade.

Rapid Fire

Increased rate of fire, faster heat rate, more bullet spread.


Improves gun ventilation, less heat produced from firing.

Red Cell Shot

Your starting health is higher.

Lucky Charm

Executing combos fills up your meter faster.

Body Armor

Enemy projectiles do less damage.

Power Suit

Muscle augmentation allows you to use melee items and throw grenades at a faster rate.

Charge Mod

Hold to charge and release to fire a stronger, modified projectile.

Cluster Mod

Gun fires multiple projectiles at once but can only fire again after a cooldown.

Frag Grenade

Frag grenade, deals massive damage in a radius.

Shock Grenade

Shock grenade, continuos high area damage for the duration.


Incendiary, wide fire damage with a lasting effect.

Cluster Grenade

Explodes into small bomblets dealing damage over a wide area.

Freeze Grenade

Freezes enemies in a large radius. Frozen enemies will explode, damaging others.


Emitts a strong light that repels smaller creatures, use it to single them out.


Remote controlled explosive device, high damage output. Throw to place and trigger use again to trigger.

Black Hole

Grenade containing dark matter releases a tactical black hole, sucking in everything around it.


Hunting knife can slice through more targets and cause more damage when upgraded.

Throwing Knives

Throw in aim direction, fast throw rate, light damage.

Riot Shield

Blocks enemy projectiles but you can’t use other items while you hold it


Longer reach and awesome knockback power.


Stuns enemies on impact, upgrade to increase its strength.


Throwing axe, slower throw rate but higher damage. Can pierce targets when upgraded.



Hand Cannon

Discharge a stream of dark matter, disintegrating anything nearby.

Standard Ammo

Standard issue ammunition.

Cluster Ammo

The bullet splits into small fragments on impact.

Piercing Ammo

Piercing round, can penetrate armor and hit multiple targets.

Explosive Ammo

Explosive round, detonates on impact, high area damage.

Shock Ammo

Bullet will discharge electricity on impact, stunning enemies and damaging them.

Incendiary Ammo

Incendiary charge inside the bullet will set the enemies on fire.

Frost Ammo

Packed with dry ice, this bullet will slow down enemies to a crawl, eventually freezing them completely.

Dark Matter

Contains a dark matter charge that disintegrates enemies on impact.


I’m the best at what I do and my track record is speaks for itself.  No matter what the problem, I’ll handle it.  100% eradication guaranteed.


Job Position

The grunt depends on brute force and sheer numbers. Explosives make short work of packs of them.


Job Position

Shielders have thick plated armour on their front legs. When they sense danger they shield up and become protected from most front facing attacks. Use piercing ammunition or find a way to attack them from behind.


Job Position

Moves along the ceiling and leaps to attack. The eggs it lays spawn spiderlings, don't let them overwhelm you.


Job Position

Evolved Grunt, larger and a lot harder to kill.


Job Position

Resembling spiders, they deal little damage but come in great numbers and are able to cling to any surface. When close enough they will leap to attack. Melee weapons and piercing ammunitions are very effective against them.


Job Position

Fast and able to dodge bullets, these flying pests can be difficult to stop. Cluster ammunition and specialised melee weapons are your friends.


Job Position

Burrows underground and shoots projectiles when it surfaces.


Job Position

Evolved from the Burster, Whirlers have a thicker outer skin so they can absorb more damage. When they explode in their purple state they spawn spider eggs.


Job Position

Lumbering acid tanks, bursters are full of liquid. Their fluid seems to change its properties based on distance. When purple they provide a speed and health buff to nearby creatures. As they come closer they shift to green, use caution, this state is explosive!


Job Position

Invaded by a parasitic organism, the host is an unwilling attacker. Soldiers, scientists, civilians, no one is safe. The host is a formidable opponent and can come equipped with different weapons.


Job Position

Centipedes are fast and have variable length. It is usually easier to bring them down by shooting the body instead of the leading link.


Job Position

Shifters can drift in a dark dimension where they seem invulnerable. They can raise piles of debris that block line of fire.


Job Position

Gorgers keep to the back of the action and love to eat grenades. If they overfeed they will violently explode. Mines placed in advance can surprise them.


Job Position

Evolved spiderling is meatier, harder to kill but comes in equally great numbers so it's much more dangerous. Take advantage of melee weapons at close range to kill them faster.


Earn a special shout-out by trying to take down your favorite streamer with these Twitch commands during the live stream!

Every enemy has a unique spawn code. Only a couple of enemies are available at first, unlock new enemies, items and bonuses during voting rounds. Every boss vote costs 25, use your collective resources to spawn one.


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